Long-distance relationship story: Mark and Yulia

   What makes our lives meaningful? What gives superpowers and allows us to dream big? Love. Love for our families, love for the world and, most importantly, love for each other. Today I want all of us to get inspired by a love story of Mark and Yulia, who prove that distance between two hearts is not an obstacle.  

"I always say that it was HIM who found me there… I started working on the cruise ship to see the world, to understand who I am and find myself. But at the end – I found my love." - Yulia. 
   The story began when a beautiful Ukrainian girl Yulia decided to take a receptionist job on the ship called "Thompson Majesty". Young and full of dreams, she wanted to see the world. Yulia knew that love was not something she was looking for, and to that end, you can imagine her reaction when the team tried to protect and warn her about ship's life. But one never knows! 
   On the 14th of November 2014, she had embarkation day on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands). That day a young British guy Mark, who was a member of the entertainment team, worked with Yulia all day long. And that was the day when Universe had a planMark made the first move. During their break, he approached Yulia and starting talking in Russian. How often do you meet an English man who can make a proper conversation in Russian? Therefore, he was about to win a girl's heart. It turned out that both of them were linguists and spoke English, Russian and German.   

Distance helped them to "realize how precious moments together are. We know the price."  
   By the time Mark's contract was over and Yulia still had to work, two of them were not strangers anymore. Their love was worth of being together no matter how many miles were between them. First, their feelings made it through 17 days.  Next time they were apart for 6 months. Something had to be done. Mark and Yulia ended with ship's life and decided to be together. They chose love. However, there was something that made long-distance relationships even harder: because of laws and regulations they had to live three months together and three months apart for one year.  

Did she know he was the one?  "I didn’t know if he was the one, my one. I was just happy, for the first time in a while. And I didn’t want to lose this happiness." - Yulia 

   They loved each other no matter what, they were miles apart, they traveled by buses, ships, trains and planes to see each other's eyes. Even for a couple of hours. They were creating their story of British-Ukrainian love.  

"When you see the ship coming closer and closer, then people, more people, and at last you see him – happiness and love, we were shining when we saw each other in those moments.   

   They got married in Paphos, Cyprus. And now there are three of them: Mark, Yulia and little love bug Luka, living in Cyprus from February 2017. Now it's July and it's the longest time they’ve lived together under the same roof. 
   Both Mark and Yulia had bad experience in long-distance relationship before, but it did not stop them from trying one time. They were not looking for love, but love found them. They did not give up and therefore found "Happily ever after".  
   At the end of our conversation, I asked what was their secret? What helped them to build a strong family and make their long-distance relationship the greatest adventure of their lives. And this is what I was told: " If it’s a right person, if it’s YOUR person, fight for it! If you feel that it’s enough and you have no more strength to stand it – just be honest with yourself and that person. But if you can see your future kids in your partner’s eyes, you see how you choose name and give birth together, how you buy tools to make cot for your son – fight for it and you will be rewarded!"

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