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Discovering Maryland: Baltimore and Annapolis

Have you ever been to Maryland? Is it on your bucket list yet? Well, it was not on mine, but after visiting it for the first time in July, I was wondering why I underestimated it.I am sure there is no place like Maryland: the streets are so unique, that I don't remember taking that many pictures of all the buildings and cute little shops in my life. It was really hot outside, but I did not want to walk fast, I was trying to enjoy every building and not to miss anything. I love details, and Maryland is all about them.    When we were planning our trip toD.C., we knew we needed more days off because Maryland was definitely on our "must visit" list. We rented a car, so we wouldn't have to rely on Uber. And it allowed us not to stay overnight because both Baltimore and Annapolis areabout an hour drive from Washington D.C.

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