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American Food Chains in Mexico City: What to expect? (Part 1)

Today's post is dedicated to famous food chains of the USA, that can easily be found in Mexico City. It can be surprising how popular they are here considering the richness and variety of Mexican food. Almost all kinds of cuisine can be found in Mexico City: from unique ingredients to completely surprising dishes. So if you are traveling from the USA and want to visit something that would feel like home, or you are wondering what American food chains can be found in Mexico City – this post if for you.   These are the places you can visit both in the USA and Mexico City: The Cheesecake Factory, Panda Express, P.F. Chang's, Hard Rock Café, Chili's Café and Bar, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, IHOP, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Taco Cabana, Hooters, California Pizza Kitchen, T.G.I. Friday's and many others.  
I just want to be honest – I love authentic Mexican food in Mexico, and I am lucky enough to try most of itbecause of our freq…

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